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About Us:

Maryland Diesel Service is a full service, repair and maintenance shop based in Baltimore, Maryland and is a subsidiary of Maryland Performance Diesel. The company took a leap into 2014 and veered itself into multiple branches. By dividing Maryland Performance Diesel into 3 separate companies, it allows for better expansion and the ability to offer even more services to our customers which ensures even better quality and overall great customer satisfaction.p>

What we offer:

Maryland Diesel Service has the technology, knowledge and skill to diagnose and repair Powerstroke, Cummins & Duramax engines in the light duty market. With that being said, MDS offers fleet discounted services, maintenance and repair; Assuring that your business that relies on its trucks for revenue, are reliable and long lasting.

Our quality skilled and trained technicians allow us to be proud to offer the best possible pricing to our customers. Ultimately allowing the customer to get their vehicle repaired in a cost effective and timely manner.

Fleet Maintenance & Repair

Maryland Diesel Service is proudly serving those who have a fleet of light duty diesel trucks. We are familiar with the feeling of having to rely on a vehicle that may not be performing at its greatest, so we are here to provide competitive pricing with excellence service. We operate on the philosophy that preventive maintenance is cheaper than corrective, so contact us to day and let us help you keep your fleet on the right path. More Info »

General Maintenance

Is the weather pushing off your scheduled maintenance? Tired of being bathed in diesel fuel when replacing your fuel filters? With the parts and fluids always in stock, We are your one stop shop for all maintenance needs. General maintenance can be done while you wait with a competitive price, That’s hard to beat! More Info »

Preventative Maintenance

Not only do we conduct full service repairs and complete overhauls but we like to prevent issues from occurring in the future as well. It never hurts to be prepared, and the preventative cost just may be worth avoiding an even larger bill down the road. Piece of mine goes a long way in the diesel industry and we would happily take care of any concerns you may have, at a reasonable price and time frame. More Info »

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